Fun Learning JourneY @ Science Centre Singapore


On Thursday, 5th September 2019, HWA students (MYP and DP) participated in the Learning Journey to the Science Centre. The highlights of the learning journey were the Cosmetic Chemistry Workshop, Omni theatre show (We are Stars) followed by the gallery walk. 

The Chemistry workshop was informative as well as experiential and provided a glimpse into the applications of Science in daily use cosmetics. Students had an opportunity to perform hands on experiments to learn the chemistry involved in the daily use skin care products like body wash, lip balms and sunscreen lotions. The most exciting thing to add on was that the students were also allowed to personalize their own cosmetics and take it home! Watching the movie ‘We are stars’’ in the omni theater was one of the best visual experience for the students. The objective of the movie was to enable students to understand the relationship of our evolution with the cosmic science.  

Students enjoyed the interactive exhibits in the Science Centre. Overall, it was a fun and experiential learning experience for the students.

Smiles all around as students were seen happily enjoying and immersing themselves in learning and participating in the science activities.