Unit of Inquiry 1 central ideas - Combined Field Trip to LOST SG


In line with our Unit of Inquiry 1 central ideas, Grade 5 and Grade 6 students went on a combined field trip to LOST SGon 10 September 2019, Singapore's top escape room game company, to enjoy the escape room experience while fostering team building and collaboration skills. Each grade experienced a different themed game.

Grade 5 students experienced how individual and group behaviour in a timed situation which requires thinking on their feet and good group dynamics will impact the decision-making process and outcome of their escape. This is aligned with their central idea 'How physical and emotional changes impact decision-making'. They raced against time in the game ‘Exodus’.

Grade 6 students experienced how cryptic messages are used in real life to effectively target the intended audience to evoke specific feelings and influence their thinking. This is aligned with their central idea 'Messages should be created with their target audience in mind'. Group dynamics were put to the test in the Chinese Zodiac-themed game ‘Castiglione’.

Overall, students enjoyed the games immensely and the adrenaline rush they experienced continued after the games as they discussed animatedly about their experiences on the way back to school. It was indeed a memorable team-building day for the students.