Stories Come Alive-Immersive Interactive Learning Experience


On the 16th of September 2019, a group of Grades 1 and 2 students visited the Library @ Harbourfront, Vivocity. They were accompanied by their teachers, Ms. Peggy, Ms Liu, Ms Keeley and Ms. Sheryl. The visit started firstly, they met Ms. Nurul, one of the librarians from the said public library. Her support towards HWA’s library program was shown through her actions as she not only volunteered to give the students an orientation of the library plus a detailed tour but she also volunteered to do a 'read-aloud' for them. Towards the end of the learning journey, Ms. Nurul was handed an appreciation card to thank her for her time.

Ms. Nurul ushered the students to one of the activity rooms where she handed them the “librarian’s challenge” booklets. After which a short orientation about the library, its services and programs was shared. After the orientation, Ms. Nurul then started the tour of the library at the bookdrop station. The students were informed about the machine called 'auto-sorter'. At this point in time, the students we not only intriuged but also delighted at the machinary. Next station was the kiosk used to borrow books, where the students were taught how to use it. Ms. Nurul showed the students the 'tinker truck' where drawing and building activities for the students are available. She also brought the students to the different sections of the Children’s section in the Library. At the end of the tour, the students were not only tasked to use the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), demonstrated by Ms. Nurul; but they also had the chance to listen to some audio-books and choose books to accomplish the given task, instructed by the teachers. 

During the read-aloud session, students were actively participating, a distinct memory of active participation would be when Charle and Quan in Grade 2, did not only answer questions about the story, but also asked numerous questions which demonstrated their interest of reading and the new environment they were in.

On a side note, the Library@Harbourfront also offers a playtime program for students. The students participated in the program and had really enjoyed themselves. They were exposed to the different toys and role-playing costumes.  

In addition, they had the opportunity to meet another librarian in charge of the program, Ms. Mane. The learning journey was truly informative and engaging to the students. Not only did they enjoy the different books, but also the facilities and programs available.