Frequently Asked Question

  1. When does the academic year start?
    The academic year starts in August.

  2. What are the official school hours?
    School begins at 8am and ends at 2:45pm for all students from Nursery to Grade 12. Co-curricular activities begin from 3pm, and mostly end by 4:15pm.

  3. In which months are the school holidays?  
    The major school holidays are in June and December, but students also get to enjoy a well-deserved rest for occasions such as Chinese New Year.

  4. Does HWA provide a tour around the school?  
    Yes, we do. To book a tour, simply fill in our online enquiry form, and our administrative staff will respond within 1 to 3 working days. You may also phone us at:
    +65 6254 0200 (Admissions)
    +65 6254 0500 (Student Support)

  5. How do parents and teachers communicate?
    The School has monthly newsletter for announcements, events and updates.

  6. What languages are taught at HWA?
    Kindergarten Programme: Instruction is bilingual, with 50% of time dedicated to Chinese, and the other 50% to English. Several European languages, particularly Spanish and French, are available as after school classes. 
    Primary Years Programme: Instruction ratio is 60% English, and 40% Chinese. Several European languages, particularly Spanish and French, are available as after school classes.  
    Middle Years Programme: The medium of instruction is English. However, all students study both Chinese and English languages—one as an ‘A’ language, and the other as a ‘B’ language.
    Diploma Programme (High School): The medium of instruction is English. Other languages offered include Chinese, Korean, French and Armenian, and Japanese.

  7. What does it mean to have an emphasis on ‘dual languages’ at HWA? 
    'Dual languages' refers to the bilingual, and near-bilingual emphasis at the Kindergarten and Primary levels. Essentially, this refers to the equal or near-equal instruction time spent on both Chinese and English languages. HWA offers two languages of instruction until the end of Primary School (Grade 6).

  8. What kind of after school activities or co-curricular activities does HWA offer?  
    There is a broad range of co-curricular activities offered at HWA. These include competitive sports such as soccer, badminton, etc. against other international schools in the ACSIS; recreational sports such as inline skating; arts and culture societies involved in music, art, debate; science clubs that engage in computer programming, robotics, and many more. HWA also involves students in service-oriented activities held at local charities and homes, and overseas trips to Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

  9. What kind of activities does the school organise during the school holidays? 
    We offer Chinese and English camps during the seven-week Summer Holiday. In addition, the Grade 11 cohort travels to an Asian country in the March holiday week to work with local communities as part of their Creativity, Action, Service requirement.

  10. How do most students commute to and from school? 
    There is a school bus service, which provides transport for students from all over Singapore. While many families drop their children off, students live within walking distance from the school. In addition to the school bus, HWA also provides a shuttle bus service from Serangoon MRT Station every morning.

  11. Does the school offer additional remedial or tuition lessons for weaker students? 
    Yes, we have support classes after school for English, Chinese, mathematics, and other subjects when necessary. As a small school, HWA is also able to offer one-on-one teacher support for students after school, and during lunchtime if the need arises.

  12. What is the average class size in HWA? 
    We are a niche, community-based school. At the Nursery and Kindergarten levels, the teacher-to-student ratio is one to eight. At the Primary, Middle and High School levels, the maximum class size in 24, although the average in recent years has been fewer than 20 students per class.

  13. Where are HWA teachers from?  
    HWA teachers are from all over the globe. As a dual language school that emphasises Mandarin, half the number of teachers we depend on for Kindergarten and Primary School are Chinese. Beyond that, we have teachers from Australia, the USA, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Armenia, and the Philippines.  

  14. Does the school provide lockers for students?
    Yes, we provide a locker-sized cubbyhole for each student at the back of every classroom.

  15. Are students required to bring a personal laptop to school?
    Pre-School and Primary School students do not need to bring their personal laptops to school. When necessary, they will use the iPads that the school will provide. Middle School and High School students are required to bring their personal laptops to school.