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Singapore International School

HWA International School is a Chinese Culture IB School in Singapore. Our aim is deliver the best campus environment. To bring out the best in our students, HWA offers excellent learning spaces for work and play. Let's work hard, play hard!

The campus environment is very important. First impressions and perceptions are everything. And the importance of a strong facility and custodial department on your campus can’t be overstated.

Let’s imagine, if the campus environment aren’t clean and aesthetically pleasing, or your grounds need work, or there is trash on the floor, or bad odors around campus, could you willing to study at this campus? The answer is surely not. When a college campus is well-groomed, clean, maintained in optimal condition, and safe for students, faculty, and stakeholders, the ability to recruit and retain students improves drastically. 

Perhaps most importantly, providing a clean, comfortable environment prevents the spread of germs throughout your campus and aids your students’ academic performance. That kind of environment can boost enrollment and attract and retain new students, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  

HWA International School has a campus in Marina Square Singapore. It is located near the Esplanade MRT station. The campus is within a 5 to 15-minute walking distance from Esplanade MRT station Exit C. The address of our campus is 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square #02-100 Singapore 039594.

The campus has a total of 11 classrooms and 1 Multi-purpose Room. All of the room is fully prepared and ready to use for our students. 

On campus, all classrooms are equipped with IT infrastructure designed to assist teachers, and to enhance the learning experience for students across all ages.

Classroom & Capacity

Singapore international school

Classroom Name Room Type Floor Area (M2) Capacity
Classroom 1 Classroom 8.6 5
Classroom 2 Classroom 8.8 5
Classroom 3 Classroom 8.2 5
Classroom 4 Classroom 7.5 5
Classroom 5 Classroom 5.7 3
Classroom 6 Classroom 10.4 6
Classroom 7 Classroom 7.7 5
Classroom 8 Classroom 12.7 8
Classroom 9 Classroom 8.3 8
Classroom 10 Classroom 7.7 5
Classroom 11 Classroom 6.5 4
Classroom 12 Classroom 15.08 10
Classroom 13 Classroom 15.08 10
Classroom 14 Classroom 15.08 10
Classroom 15 Classroom 14.04 9
Multi-purpose Room Classroom 24 16
Function Classroom Classroom 61.8 41
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