HWA prioritises the wellbeing of our students above all. Throughout the school term, our school nurse is stationed on campus from Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 5pm. Certified and trained in basic life support, first aid, CPR and AED, HWA’s school nurse works closely with local doctors to provide students with all-day health protection and assistance in medical situations.

Aside from our school nurse, key staff members, too, have basic qualifications in first aid, lifesaving and CPR, ensuring that student safety and health comes first, even after school hours. Under our Medical Protection Scheme, all international students at HWA are also required to purchase medical insurance throughout their course of studies.

Medical conditions are not the only healthcare issues that HWA looks after. As an international school, we understand that it may be tough on students to be living apart from their home countries. To enable them to adjust to life as a student in Singapore, HWA also provides students with supplementary psychological and academic counseling services at anytime students should require them. The Guidance Counselor’s office adjoins the nurse’s room and are both located in the Middle School block.