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HWA International School is a Chinese Culture IB School in Singapore. Our aim is deliver a conducive and enriching campus environment. To bring out the best in our students, HWA offers excellent learning spaces for work and play. Let's work hard, play hard!

The campus environment plays a pivotal role in shaping perceptions and creating first impressions. The significance of a robust facility and dedicated custodial department on any campus is monumental.

Imagine a campus environment that’s unkempt, with trash strewn about, unpleasant odors, or grounds in disrepair. Would you willingly choose to study there? Most likely, the answer is no. When a college campus is meticulously maintained, clean, safe, and in prime condition for students, faculty, and stakeholders, its ability to attract and retain students escalates substantially.

Of paramount importance is providing a clean and comfortable environment. Not only does it prevent the spread of germs and bolster academic performance, but such an environment also enhances enrollment.

HWA International School boasts a campus at Marina Square in Singapore, conveniently situated near the Esplanade MRT station. From Esplanade MRT station Exit C, our Marina City Campus at 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-100/101 Singapore 039594. is just a 5 to 15-minute walk away.

This campus houses 15 classrooms, a multi-purpose room, and a function classroom. Each room is fully equipped and ready for our students’ use, with CCTV installed in every classroom to ensure the safety of our students.

Furthermore, HWA International School has unveiled a new campus at One North, Singapore. Located at 11 SLIM BARRACKS RISE, NTU@One North #05-02, #06-01/06/07 Singapore 138664, this campus consists of 14 classrooms and a function classroom, all prepped for our students’ academic endeavors.

The campus has a total of 14 classrooms and 1 Function Classroom. All of the room is fully prepared and ready to use for our students.

CCTVs are present in every classroom across all campuses. Additionally, there’s smart teaching equipment on the NTU campus to further elevate the learning experience, meticulously designed to support our educators and enrich the learning experiences of students of all age groups.

Classroom & Capacity

Marina City Campus

Classroom Name Room Type Floor Area (M2) Capacity
Classroom 1 Classroom 8.6 5
Classroom 2 Classroom 8.8 5
Classroom 3 Classroom 8.2 5
Classroom 4 Classroom 7.5 5
Classroom 5 Classroom 5.7 3
Classroom 6 Classroom 10.4 6
Classroom 7 Classroom 7.7 5
Classroom 8 Classroom 12.7 8
Classroom 9 Classroom 8.3 8
Classroom 10 Classroom 7.7 5
Classroom 11 Classroom 6.5 4
Classroom 12 Classroom 15.08 10
Classroom 13 Classroom 15.08 10
Classroom 14 Classroom 15.08 10
Classroom 15 Classroom 14.04 9
Multi-purpose Room Classroom 24 16
Function Classroom Classroom 61.8 41

NTU@One North Campus

Classroom Name Room Type Floor Area (M2) Capacity
Classroom N1 Classroom 36.4 24
Classroom N2 Classroom 37.3 24
Classroom N3 Classroom 37 24
Classroom N4 Classroom 36.4 24
Classroom N5 Classroom 41 27
Classroom N6 Classroom 43.6 29
Classroom N7 Classroom 38.8 25
Classroom N8 Classroom 42.6 28
Classroom N9 Classroom 36.1 24
Classroom N10 Classroom 43.8 29
Classroom N11 Classroom 44.5 29
Classroom N12 Classroom 36.6 24
Classroom N13 Classroom 6.6 4
Classroom N14 Classroom 5.3 3
Function Classroom Classroom 37.8 25

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