Parent Support

HWA believes in open communication with all parents.

The Parent Support Group (PSG) was established in 2011 to be much more than just an ordinary association of parents whose children attend school at the HWA International School.

It is only through the PSG that HWA is able to put a face to, and bridge otherwise static communications and connections with parents of our beloved students.

HWA believes in open communication with all parents, and the PSG facilitates regular meetings and activities specially for parents, guardians, and form staff to come together to discuss students’ performance in areas of concern whether they may be in academic work, after school activities, or personal wellbeing. This avenue for constructive feedback from parents has led HWA to implement new or improved programmes such as the reading programme for Kindergarten 2 and Primary 1 classes.  

Throughout the academic year, the outward-looking PSG also schedules a lineup of special events and programmes that benefit the wider community. These family-oriented events will usually see parents volunteering together with their children for a fulfilling time at International Day, Halloween, Kindergarten Book Week, Sports Day, and many more.

To parents of children enrolled in HWA, the PSG urges and welcomes you to be involved in a bigger part of your child’s school life, and to continue supporting and building the HWA community in more ways than one.

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