The IB Programme

Our International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Education is more than just academic excellence. Our IB program offers students a holistic environment that they can thrive in, and grow up to be caring, thinking and morally upright bilingual global citizens

Introduces young learners to and sets the foundation for a dual language and inquiry-based framework

Vastly different from other education syllabi with focus placed on developing children’s ability to think critically and challenge assumptions

Develop children who will help contribute to building a better world through mutual cultural understand and respect
Grow in an environment that provides opportunities for action to occur, and consequently, for them to choose or think through solutions to problems for themselves.
Develops a student’s social, academic and emotional wellbeing by focusing on strong personal values and international-mindedness
Nurtures and encourages critical and independent thinking and learning, encouraging students to take responsibility for their education and learning abilities
Establishes a strong foundation for learning, also including global and local issues into the education syllabus.

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Does your child know how to read this?

Not only can our students read this poem, they also understand the history and meaning behind it


游 子 身 上 衣。

临 行 密 密 缝,

意 恐 迟 迟 归。

谁 言 寸 草 心,

报 得 三 春 晖。

HWA IB Programme

Watch it for yourself!

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HWA Provides An Authentic, Immersive Bilingual And Bicultural Environment For All

The unique Bilingualism and Biculturalism Model, designed by HWA International School, supports the development of bilingual and cross-cultural skills. Through annual excursions to China, the programme develops students’ cultural and historical appreciation as well as comprehensive knowledge about their host country. Chinese language lessons are conducted in accordance with China’s national curriculum during Kindergarten, Primary and Middle School.

English and Chinese Support Programme

HWA has two Language Support Programmes, English and Chinese, designed to help students with little to no English/Chinese language background to acquire the foundational language skills needed to successfully integrate into their courses. Our Language Support Programme teachers work closely with HWA’s English/Chinese classroom teachers to better support students at every stage.

Where second language becomes nature.

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Find Out More About HWA Kindergarten

Understand how a bilingual preschool IB education in HWA can make a difference in laying a strong foundation for your child.

The Bilingual IB PYP Program At HWA

Learning multiple languages can be most effective during children’s early years of education. In HWA, the PYP (Primary Years Program) aims to nurture lifelong confident inquirers and confident communicators in both English and Chinese languages.


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A Forward Looking And Contemporary Academy, Since 2006

HWA International School was established in 2006 as the Chinese International School and continues to uphold the global vision that integrates Eastern and Western values, through the International Baccalaureate (IB) philosophy. We are a forward-looking, contemporary academy that believes in a holistic approach to teaching, and is 100 percent committed to lifelong learning for all. Advocating research and inquiry in the classroom, our teachers not only steer the lessons, but also take a step back to encourage students to get involved, collaborate, challenge what they are told, and reach well beyond the textbook experience.

With A Teacher-student Ratio Of 1:8

  • English
  • Music
  • Chinese
  • Art
  • Mathematics
  • PE
  • Primary Years Programme – Unit of Inquiry (UOI)

With A Teacher-student Ratio Of 1:24

  • Language
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Art (Music & Visual arts)
  • Mathematics
  • Physical, social and personal education
  • Unit of inquiry (UOI)

Master English And Mandarin In An International Baccalaureate Academy

Educating and nurturing children aged 3-12 years old since 2006. Register your interest and book for a school tour now!
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