Affiliations / Accreditations

Affiliations / Accreditations

Our Accreditations

HWA International School is an IB World School, accredited to provide all 3 IB Programmes:

Click here to learn more about the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

HWA International School was awarded the four-year EduTrust award. Click here to view our EduTrust Certificate.

What is EduTrust?

The EduTrust Certification Scheme (EduTrust) is a quality assurance scheme administered by CPE for Private Education Institutions (PEIs) in Singapore. It aims to distinguish private schools that are able to consistently maintain a high standard of quality in the overall provision of education services and make continual improvements that lead to positive student outcomes.

You can learn more about the EduTrust Certification Scheme on the Skills future SG website.

HWA International School is registered under the Committee for Private Education (CPE). 

CPE Registration Number: 200607850N

Validity Period: 26 April 2019 to 25 April 2023

You can learn more about the Committee for Private Education or the Private Education Act, on the Skills future SG website.

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