Exhibition Day Showcases Exceptional Talent at HWA

HWA International School recently hosted the annual Exhibition Day, where students from across various grades demonstrated their knowledge, creativity, and passion through an array of exhibits and presentations. This event highlighted the exceptional work and diverse interests of the students, leaving the audience inspired and impressed.

Grade 3 and 4 students embarked on a journey through history and space, exploring the lives and adventures of great explorers such as Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, and Laika, the space dog. Their projects showcased a keen understanding of history and space exploration, with interactive displays and engaging presentations.

Grade 5 students captivated the audience with their remarkable Shadow Theatre performance. Their polished presentation demonstrated a high level of dedication and skill, proving their ability to work as a team and bring stories to life through creative expression.

Grade 6 students shone brightly at the exhibition, showcasing their eagerly anticipated projects. Ms. Regina, their homeroom teacher, praised their hard work and noted their development of self-management skills and creative thinking. Students expressed satisfaction with their performances while acknowledging room for improvement and gratitude for Ms. Regina’s support.

In addition, the MYP and DP students at HWA International School showcased their remarkable skills under the guidance of their teachers. The day featured projects such as the Community Project, Personal Project, and the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Exhibition.

Grade 7-9 students made a strong impact with their Community Project showcases. These projects included introducing football to PYP students, offering them the opportunity to learn the sport and engage in fun activities. Other students developed a vegetarian cookbook, sharing healthy and creative recipes with the school community.

Grade 10 students showcased their diverse talents and passions during the exhibition. Yolo captivated audiences with his music composition project, sharing insights into his creative process. Xuan’s innovative candle dessert project, crafted from scratch and sold for charity, attracted numerous buyers among students and teachers, making thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Meanwhile, Zhou Ling Xi and Wang Yu Xuan impressed with their handmade bracelets, donating proceeds to support an animal shelter. They also taught interested students the art of bracelet making.

Grade 11 students showcased their Theory of Knowledge projects, presenting their in-depth research on various topics related to knowledge. Their projects explored complex questions about the nature of knowledge, its sources, and its application across different disciplines. These thoughtful presentations demonstrated their analytical and critical thinking skills, contributing to a deeper understanding of how knowledge shapes our world.

The MYP and DP students demonstrated their limitless talents and generosity, leaving a lasting impression on their juniors. Throughout the exhibition, they showcased a multitude of Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills, demonstrating their versatility and proficiency across various disciplines.

This year’s Exhibition Day at HWA International School was a resounding success, offering a glimpse into the bright futures of these talented students. As they continue to hone their skills and explore their passions, we eagerly anticipate the remarkable achievements they will astonish us with next.