HWA Welcomes Korean Study Groups for Cultural Exchange Program

In an effort to promote global education and foster cultural understanding, HWA International School recently hosted two groups of students from Korea Marine Meister High School and Hyundai Technical High School. The students participated in an immersive English language learning and cultural exchange program, which offered them a unique opportunity to explore Singapore’s vibrant culture while sharing their own Korean heritage.

The focus of the program was to provide a conducive environment for Korean students to enhance their English language skills. Through interactive language classes, workshops, and engaging activities, participants were able to improve their communication abilities while building confidence in using English as a medium of communication.

Moreover, the program aimed to foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. During classroom sessions, Teachers from HWA shared stories, experiences, and traditions that define Singaporean culture. They discussed topics such as Singaporean cuisine, festivals, art, and historical events, allowing the Korean students to gain a deeper understanding of the local way of life.

Similarly, the Korean students had the opportunity to share their own cultural stories, traditions, and customs. From traditional Korean attire to popular K-pop music, the Korean study groups introduced their cultural heritage, promoting mutual respect and celebrating diversity.

The Korean Study Group’s participation in the cultural exchange program at HWA International School was a resounding success in promoting cross-cultural understanding, English language learning.

HWA International School remains committed to providing opportunities for students to engage in meaningful cultural exchanges, encouraging sensitivity, empathy, and global citizenship. Such initiatives empower students to appreciate the beauty of diversity and ensure that cultural exchange remains an integral part of their education, fostering a more inclusive and interconnected world.

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