2020 Children’s & Teachers’ day Celebration


On 9th October 2020, HWA International School celebrated Children’s cum Teachers’ Day. With the theme “We are a Family”, we recognize how each child and teacher is important and together, we are one family. Thus, during this dual celebration, we seek to build greater bonds through the talent showcase, games and bonding over food. We believe that a family is built not just in the classroom, but having that space to enjoy the company of one another through simple fun and interactions.

As we watched the performance, we were amazed at how talented our teachers and students were.

Being a day of fun, it was good to put away our duties and just compete in some friendly matches.

To instill gratitude in our students towards teachers, community time was used to make Teachers’ Day cards. Reading these personalized messages, our teachers were touched by the affections of our students, motivating them to continue to pour their passion in teaching into the lives of the students.



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