2022 Teachers’ and Children’s Day Celebration

HWA International School celebrated International Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day on Friday, 7 October 2022. In line with our IB learner profile attributes of being a caring global citizen, teachers and students collaborated on various activities during this special occasion, strengthening the strong bond and a sense of community among our HWA family. 

HWA国际学校于 2022 年 10 月 7 日星期五举行了庆祝国际教师节和儿童节的活动,活动增进了师生之间的互动和大家对HWA大家庭的归属感,也有助于培养学生《国际文凭学习者培养目标》的特质,成为懂得关爱的世界公民。

Exchange of gifts 互相送赠礼物

The School Events committee worked with the DP students to organize a variety of games for students and teachers. The PYP students also dedicated a performance for their teachers at HWA to express their heartfelt gratitude. It is also tied in with their Unit 2 PYP Transdisciplinary theme of How We Express Ourselves.  It was a day where students showed their appreciation towards their teachers, while their teachers also expressed their well wishes for the students. 

学校活动委员会与 DP 学生一起为学生和教师安排了各种节目和游戏活动。小学学生结合第 2 单元 跨学科主题“我们如何表达自己”的学习,通过歌声表达他们对老师感激之情。老师们也表达了对学生们的美好祝愿。

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