On 6th April 2021, students and staffs of HWA gathered in school for our annual Sports Day! To kick-start the event, a representative from each team came out to share about their flag design which took them just a week to produce. In the midst of a pandemic, instead of battling out against each other, everyone garnered their strengths and wits to work as one to conquer the games! Thus, giving rise to the Theme: HWA United! – Play Together, Grow Together. Everyone in the teams had to communicate and collaborate in order to complete the tasks of transporting, juggling, solving a number sequence, balancing and chairs crossing. Minor dispute in the midst of much joy and laughter which is part and parcel of smothering the rough edges and making stronger bonds.

At the end of the day, what is a Sports Day without a little bit of competition? The teams were awarded with Best Flag, Best Time, Most Collaborative and Most Spontaneous prizes respectively.

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