G1 Field Trip to the ArtScience Museum

On 19th March 2021, the Grade 1 students went to the ArtScience Museum. The field trip sought to increase the student’s awareness of the signs and symbols used by humans to communicate, help them identify 2D and 3D shapes in real life, and also consider the use of materials and why humans choose objects to be made from those materials. One of the highlights during the trip was at the Sketch Aquarium where the students really enjoyed seeing their artwork come to life on the animation screens as well as playing with the spheres. They were very attentive to the changes that were taking place in the interactive exhibits and had worked well collaboratively to determine what each of the 3D map symbols represented. They had great fun utilising 2D shapes to make the hopscotch, and counted the light up cubes with ease. Chinese culture was also represented through the interactive symbols on the wall. They were able to independently identify signs along the way to the museum and symbols inside the museum – so much so that they spent the entire bus journey pointing them out to each other.

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