Chinese TV Host Jin Gui Zi Visits HWA for Cultural Exchange

On 29th January, HWA International School had the honour of hosting a cultural exchange event with renowned Chinese TV host, Jin Guizi, and over a hundred children from 16 different provinces in China. The event aimed to foster cultural understanding and provide an enriching experience for both the Chinese children and HWA students.

The event started with representatives from HWA introducing Singapore and the school to the visiting children. They gave a brief overview of the vibrant multicultural society in Singapore and the academic programs offered at HWA. This introduction set the stage for an exciting day of cultural exchange and learning.

Following the introductions, teachers from HWA took the children on an immersive learning journey, focusing on the essence of International Baccalaureate (IB) education. The theme of the day was “How to Express Yourself,” designed to enhance the children’s English language skills. Each student had the opportunity to showcase their abilities by going on stage and expressing themselves in English. This activity aimed to build confidence and improve their public speaking skills

Additionally, interactive question-and-answer sessions were organized where the Chinese children had the chance to engage with HWA students. This exchange of knowledge and experiences helped both sides develop a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures and educational systems.

At the conclusion of the event, Jin Guizi along with HWA’s Vice Principal, awarded certificates of participation to each of the visiting children. This gesture recognized their active participation and showcased the mutual appreciation between HWA International School and the Chinese guests. Additionally, there was an exchange of mementos to commemorate the event and foster further connections between the students.

The cultural exchange event at HWA provided a platform for cultural immersion, language learning, and friendship-building between Chinese children and HWA students. It was a memorable day filled with laughter, learning, and cross-cultural understanding, leaving a lasting impact on all participants.

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