HWA Celebrates Chinese New Year 

HWA International School held a Chinese New Year celebration on February 9th to welcome the upcoming Chinese New Year. 

The event was divided into two main parts, beginning with the performances.Students from the PYP and MYP showcased their talents by singing two Mandarin songs, The performances were lively and filled with festive energy. Following the musical performances, the students participated in a Kahoot game, where they had fun answering questions related to Chinese culture. One of the highlights was the martial arts demonstration by Winnifred, a sixth-grade student. To conclude the performances, a teacher representative mesmerized the audience with their skilful performance on the erhu, a traditional Chinese instrument. The entire performance showcased the students’ talents and passion, adding an infinite charm and vibrancy to the celebration event.

The second part of the celebration involved students being divided into groups to experience various Chinese cultural games and activities. These included paper cutting, writing spring couplets, the Charades game, card games and spinning a traditi. Writing spring couplets is a traditional Chinese custom where students write their own blessings and well wishes for the new year, conveying their warm greetings. Charades encourages students to use sign language to describe objects or vocabulary, enhancing their thinking and communication skills. Card games test students’ reaction abilities and strategic thinking.

The Chinese New Year celebration at HWA International School not only provided an opportunity for students to learn about traditional Chinese culture but also fostered multicultural understanding and appreciation among the school community. It was a joyous occasion where students, teachers, and parents came together to celebrate the spirit of the Chinese New Year and create lasting memories.