Christmas Celebrations at HWA

After an enriching semester full of learning and inquiry, Hillside World Academy ended it off on a festive note as we shared the joy and Christmas spirit within the school community. The pandemic situation could not stop us as we followed strict measures to ensure the safety of all our students and staff.

On 10 December 2021, our students and staff dressed up in the festive colours of red, green and white. After tireless days of planning by our Events Committee, the programme kickstarted with a jazzy Christmas performance by our Music and Science Teachers, Mr Tony and Ms Mavis, on the Keyboard and Violin. Next, a welcome speech was given by the Principal, followed by a heartfelt song from our teachers, an exciting Christmas story told by our G11 student, Ashley, and some heart-warming Christmas reflections by our PYP and MYP students. There was also an invigorating Christmas Zumba workout led by our talented PE teacher, Mr. Lee Yong Jie. All our students and staff danced along and enjoyed a good sweat.

Furthermore, to fundraise for our school workers, four booths were set up where students could purchase fabric gift cards (skilfully designed by our G7 students), jewellery (handmade by our creative PYP students), hot dogs, and participate in a darts game during scheduled breaks. They also made their own unique Gingerbread House as part of an exciting competition and wrote heartfelt greetings on Christmas cards. This eventful Christmas Celebration ended with the announcing and awarding of excellent Gingerbread Houses, as well as the distribution of Christmas gifts by our very own G6 students dressed up as Santa Clauses and Elves!

Beautiful memories were made as we enjoyed a fun and exciting day of Christmas Celebrations that are sure to stay with our students as they all went home with a smile on their faces. Hillside World Academy wishes everyone a joyful holidays and a merry Christmas!

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