I declare that the information on this application form for my child to study at HWA is true and correct. I confirm that no false statement or misrepresentation has taken place

I give permission to the school authorized personnel to photograph students for school publications, including but not limited to the school newsletter, poster, website, etc. (Parents and Guardian are to initiate opt out by using the Opt-out form, if they do not wish their child/ward to be photographed).

I understand that my child will be required to take the Placement Test including an oral/interview with the school in order to officially confirm the entry level based on the results of the test. I hereby agree to accept decision made by the school on my child’s placement to be final. I also understand that the paid enrolment fee and registration fees will not be refunded if my child is unsuccessful in gaining entry.

I will not hold the school responsible should my child’s application to study at HWA be rejected by either the Ministry of Education, Singapore or the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.
HWA reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision regarding my child’s admission or enrolment made on the basis of incorrect and incomplete information.

I hereby authorize the School permission to drive my child/ward to the nearest medical centre/hospital for emergency treatment and I understand that the School personnel will do his/her best to inform us as soon as possible. However if none of the emergency contact names can be reached at the time of the emergency, I authorize the school medical personnel to proceed with all emergency treatment. I will not hold any HWA personnel liable for any accident resulting from any withheld medical information.

All students’ data is strictly confidential and for internal use only, unless it is requested by government agencies.

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