2021/2022 CCA Open House

On 3rd September 2021, HWA students visited the Multipurpose Hall for our annual Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) Open House. As part of HWA’s vision to encourage students to discover and develop their interests and talents through CCA, our dear teachers have showcased 8 exciting and interesting clubs for students to participate in. The CCAs are Kids Dance Fitness, Badminton, Art, Acoustic, Soap Making, Jewelry Making, Toastmasters and Board Games & Chess.

Due to the pandemic, safe distancing measures were put in place in order to ensure everyone’s safety. The students visited the booths in staggered groups to discover more about what each CCA has to offer. Despite this arrangement, the HWA’s spirit is not dampened! The students had an eye opening and fulfilling time exploring the different CCAs and figuring out which one entices them the most.

As HWA considers CCA an integral part of a student’s holistic education, we hope that they are able to foster social bonds, build perseverance and grow to become responsible individuals toward the school and community. We will continue to fight in this tough time and emerge to be stronger!

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