HWA Sports Day 2023

HWA Internatlonal School held its highly anticipated annual Sports Day on the 6th of April 2023, filling the indoor sports arena with laughter, excitement, and a fierce competitive spirit. Parents and students alike gathered on the field, spending a vibrant and enjoyable morning together.

The festivities kicked off with a collective stretching exercise for the students, designed to relieve muscle tension and prevent injuries. Following this, the students were divided into four groups and engaged in a range of thrilling games, including skip rope, two-legged ball toss and shooting, reaction time competitions, and catching games. Each group was led by a captain, motivating and inspiring their team members to compete and win as a united force.

The dodgeball game for PYP students was especially intense and entertaining, allowing children to showcase their skills dynamically and confidently. Conversely, the captain ball game for MYP students placed a strong emphasis on teamwork and leadership abilities, providing students with an opportunity to cultivate and enhance these vital skills.
Parents and teachers cheered on and encouraged the students from the sidelines, and even participated in the relay race with their children, fostering stronger bonds between families and the school. This not only strengthened the parent-child relationship but also provided parents with the opportunity to set an example for their children by demonstrating perseverance and determination.

The event culminated in an award ceremony, where the principal awarded medals and prizes to the victorious teams while encouraging all students to uphold the spirit of sportsmanship, maintain a healthy and positive outlook toward life, and excel in their future endeavours.

This year’s Sports Day not only provided students with a platform to showcase their talents and abilities but also enhanced their teamwork and leadership skills. Through engaging in these activities, students not only improve their physical well-being, but also learn how to collaborate, unite, and support one another. It was an event that not only filled the indoor sports arena with a lively atmosphere of excitement and competition but also brought parents and teachers together to spend a vibrant and enjoyable morning with the students.

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