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Hillside World Academy is an international school which celebrated International Day on Friday, 28 October 2022. Our theme ‘A Rainbow of Cultures” is in line with our IB learner profile attributes of being a knowledgeable global citizen.  

The School Events committee worked with the homeroom teachers to share the profiles of Maldives, Greece, Nigeria, Bahamas and Fiji. These countries represented 5 regions (Asia, Europe, Africa, South America & the Caribbean and Oceania) around the world.  Actively engaged in the preparation, students were able to develop the Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills of social collaboration, self-management and communication.  Other than each country’s fact file, students also shared on its interesting cultures and traditions.  In addition, a variety of games and activities were organised to instil proactive learning.    It was a day where students were open-minded to gain a better understanding on the importance of respecting each other’s cultures and traditions.   

There were presentations about the different aspects of the culture of the represented countries. It was wonderful to see our students, make their presentations with such enthusiasm. 

Each country had a table, which was decorated with a country board. The board was prepared by the students, and it contained information that they wanted us to know about their country.

Students experience the cultural characteristics of different countries through quizzes, games and handicrafts.

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