American Universities Fair at HWA

Recently, the American University fair was held at HWA International School as scheduled, attracting many students and parents who aspire to study in the United States. A total of 19 American officially accredited universities participated in the fair, providing accurate and high-trust free information and study abroad guidance to the attendees.

The University fair was held on the HWA International School campus, aiming to provide students and parents with more opportunities to learn about the American higher education system and application procedures. The 19 universities participating in the fair include many well-known schools such as Ohio State University, Marymount University, Temple University, and West Virginia University. Admissions officers showcased their schools‘ characteristics and advantages through booths, andengaged in face-to-face communication and Q&A sessions with the attendees.

According to a student’s parent who attended the fair, “This fair has provided us with a lot of information about American universities, and the admissions officers were enthusiastic in answering our questions. This has been very helpful for our study abroad plan.”

This University fair has provided a great opportunity for students and parents who aspire to study in the United States, allowing them not only to have a more comprehensive understanding of the American higher education system but also to find suitable schools and majors.

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