DP Visual Arts Exhibition IBDP

On 19 March 2021, HWA held the May 2021 IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition at the Town Hall. Our students got the chance to appreciate the art pieces produced by our DP Visual Art student while also getting familiarized with the ingenious methods, progressions and ideas that led to the conceptualization and creation of his works. The exhibition presented works in various mediums and concepts such as figuration, abstraction and architecture renderings, exposing HWA students to a variety of art forms, themes and mediums.  

During the exhibition, students from the different levels came to the Town Hall in small groups of 8 and abided to safe distancing measures.  They had the opportunity to speak to the DP Visual Art student, Shang Kezheng as he explained more about his architectural renderings, choice of medium, use of graphite and thought processes which left students and even a few teachers impressed with his thinking process and eventual outcome. This exhibition aims to encourage all students to explore creative expression, an aspect that is deemed essential to the growth and development of a balanced and holistic individual.

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