DP Visual Arts Exhibition

2022 IBDP Visual arts exhibition was held at the Seminar Room on 18th March 2022.

This is the culmination of the demanding 2-year course where our DP Visual arts student, Wang Yuqi, has to curate an exhibition of her artworks as a coherent body of work. Yuqi presented her highly creative works in various mediums and concepts such as oil paintings, 3D and 2D clay forms, printmaking artwork and 3D visual design artwork. Through her works, she demonstrated the attributes and essence of an IB Learner.

Students from all grade levels were invited to view the exhibition. In small groups abiding by safe distancing measures, the younger school-mates were able to view and appreciate Yuqi’s creations up close. Through their interaction with the student-artist, the students got to know more about Yuqi’s artistic intention in experimenting with and critical reflection upon a wide range of contemporary practices and media, as well as thought processes – the ingenious methods, progressions and ideas – that led to the creation of her artworks. The experience would undoubtedly motivate the students to challenge their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries.

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