Literacy Week at HWA : A Celebration of Reading and Creativity

The Literacy Week at HWA International School is an exciting and engaging time for students to explore the world of words and stories. From March 4th to 8th, students participated in various activities aimed at fostering a love for reading and writing.

To kick off the week, all PYP students delved into the world of poetry on Monday. This creative and expressive form of writing inspired their imaginations and language skills.

On Wednesday, students took on the Reading Challenge Bingo cards. These cards, distributed a week prior, contained a variety of reading challenges that students had to complete by forming a line of four cardsin any direction. Some challenges were completed at school, while others were done at home.

Thursday was a day of imagination and creativity as students were invited to come dressed as their favourite book character. This fun and interactive activity allowed students to embody the characters they loved and share their stories with classmates. The emphasis was on creativity, with parents encouraged to help create costumes using materials at home.

To cap off the week, on Friday, the PYP students embarked on a trip to the public library. This visit not only encouraged students to explore books but also promoted reading for pleasure.

By engaging in these literacy-focused activities, students at HWA developed a deeper appreciation for reading and writing. Through poetry, reading challenges, character dress-ups, and library visits, the Literacy Week succeeded in instilling a lifelong love for literacy in every student.