Literacy Week with a Harry Potter Theme

HWA ended our Literacy Week with a Harry Potter-inspired culmination event which saw the Grade 3 students performed a skit, dressed in their favourite Harry Potter characters. Both teachers and students also participated in a book parade dressed in their book characters. While PYP teachers dressed as characters from the story, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, MYP and DP teachers continued with the Harry Potter theme, parading in Hogwarts Robes.

Students later participated in four stations, inspired by Hogwarts subjects such as Potions, History of Magic, Quidditch and Charms. These stations involved students applying reading skills such as active reading, reading instructions and also understanding diagrams. Through the different activities held throughout the Literacy Week, students developed IB learner profile attributes such as thinkers, communicators, inquirers and becoming open-minded. They also honed their thinking and communication skills as well as social skills.

It was indeed a magical experience as students developed the love for the written language while also engaging with content from one of the more well-known book series of recent years.

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