2023 HWA Exhibition Day

On the 27th of April 2023, HWA International School hosted an impressive exhibition where students from grades one to eleven had the opportunity to display their creativity, skills, and ideas on significant issues. The event was a great success, with students from different levels showcasing their unique talents and interests.

The Grade 6 students, in particular, stood out with their thought-provoking presentation that demonstrated their extensive research, lines of inquiry, and findings. The presentation was centeredaround a common idea that highlighted the intellectual depth of their thinking and understanding, reflecting their growth throughout their PYP education.

Other levels also showcased their community projects and individual interests, ranging from short animated films that explicitly reflect human emotions to the importance of 3D printing. The diversity of topics and approaches presented by the students was impressive, and it was evident that they had put in a lot of effort and hard work to produce such a high-quality exhibition.

The event was a great opportunity for everyone in the HWA community to learn something new about their schoolmates and the world around them. It was a day of discovery and appreciation for the incredible talents and potential of HWA’s students. The exhibition was a true testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing holistic and well-rounded individuals who are capable of making a positive impact on society.

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