HWA Celebrates Literacy Week

HWA International School celebrated Literacy week on 13 February 2023 to 17 February 2023 with a whole week of events to raise awareness about the importance of reading and comprehension. They had reading and book search activities that were carried out the whole week culminating to the actual event on Friday,  17 February 2023. 

On Friday, they were immersed in various activities such as fable sequencing, reading off the wall, book cover jigsaw puzzle, book title charades and choral reading of chinesepoems. These activities were designed in line with our IB learner profile attributes of being knowledgeable learners, as well as to hone their critical thinking and collaborative skills. 

Students were inspired to acquire the love for reading and develop it as a habit, helping young readers to set literacy goals and track their progress in a fun way.  Our PYP students also dedicated a bilingual performance to the MYP and DP students where they did a poetry recital and shared their favoritefables. It was an eventful day where students gained a wider perspective and broader vocabulary from the activities.