Sports Day 2022

Sports Day has always been an annual event for HWA but this time, we took it to a different stage. This year’s Sports day is a Cross Country Run and it was held outdoors. We got on the bus and headed to the Punggol Marina Settlement with all smiles as the students and teachers were all thrilled and excited.

Not only is studies important, the physical and mental health of our students are equally important too. By exercising, we release serotonin, dopamine and other chemicals that have a positive effect on our mind and body. Our students and teachers had a good sweat and run, cheering and looking out for each other.

Before the day ended, we had an award ceremony. All students were given certificates of participation and the fastest runners were given prize medals by our principal.

The participants have shown so much enthusiasm for our Cross Country this year. We are also grateful for the great effort our teaching and non-teaching staff provided to make this event a success. Looking forward to our next Sports Day!

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